20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits

15. Backyard Fire Pit Location Tip

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-15

When deciding where to place your fire pit, consider places that are far away from your home; you want to gaze at the stars, don’t you?

16. Dual Backyard Fire Pits

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-16

If you have the space to allow for it, and you really want to entertain, then why wouldn’t you consider a dual fire-pit design like this?

17. Beautiful Brick Backyard Fire Pit

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-17

This beautiful brick patio that includes a literal fire pit in the middle is elegant in its simplicity. We love the director’s chairs, but they could always be upgraded!

18. Harmony of Design

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-18

One only needs to take one look at this gorgeous backyard fire pit to realize that it’s achieved harmony of design with the home.

19. It’s What’s Around

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-19

When it comes to creating the luxury look for a backyard fire pit, it’s often less about the pit itself and more about what’s surrounding it.

20. Use LED Lighting

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-20

When it gets late by the fire pit, you’re going to need lights. Check out how this fire pit is able to use LED lights to incredibly beautiful effect.