20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits

10. Contemporary In-The-Ground Backyard Fire Pit

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-10

Keeping with the contemporary style, check out how this design combines contemporary styling with the very idea of a literal backyard fire pit.

11. Fire Pit Doubling as Table

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-11

If you plan on using your fire pit as a place for entertaining, you may wish to include table-like elements in your fire pit’s design.

12. Considering Backyard Landscaping

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-12

If you have a backyard that features a large patio, like this one, then you’ll definitely want your fire pit to fit into the patio’s design style.

13. Sweeping Wood Deck with Fire Pit

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-13

When the topography of the backyard doesn’t cooperate with your fire pit desires, you can include a fire pit as part of your deck’s design. Check out the sweeping lines here.

14. Circle of Adirondack Chairs

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-14

Adirondack chairs are the perfect complement to virtually any fire pit design you can think of. Here, they’re employed to beautiful (and comfortable) effect.