20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits

5. Fire Pit Inside of the Pool

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-5

Imagine you go out for a swim on a chilly fall evening. Wouldn’t you love to climb out of the pool and directly into a small fire pit area like this?

6. Importance of Fire Pit Décor

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-6

Making the most out of a stunning luxury backyard fire pit is about more than masonry. You also want to consider how décor, like throw pillows, will help you to create the look.

7. Luxury Fire Pit with Rustic Vibe

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-7

With the outdoor kitchen and seating area in the background, this luxury backyard fire pit keeps things simple to great effect. This is down-home country living!

8. Circle of Rocking Chairs

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-8

While some will prefer to go with built-in seating around the fire pit, there’s something to be said for the comfort of rocking chairs.

9. Contemporary Fire Pit

20 Stunning Backyard Fire Pits-9

Above all else, you want your fire pit area to capture the “vibe” of your home in general. Check out how perfectly this contemporary fire pit design fits in.