20 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

6. Whole

20 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas-6

To really have kitchen cabinets that will wow, always try to tie their design into the overall style of the room.

7. Walls

20 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas-7

In a more contemporary kitchen, consider how the color of your walls will interplay with the color of your cabinets.

8. Recessed Lighting

White Kitchen

With white cabinets, you may wish to consider recessed lighting, as this can create a beautiful effect at nighttime.

9. Pairing

20 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas-9

If you want to use different materials for different cabinets, pair those materials with other elements. See how the high wall-cabinets match the rack here.

10. Range And Pots

20 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas-10

Note how slide-out drawers are used directly below the range in this kitchen to provide easy access to pots and pans.

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