20 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

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Putting together the dream kitchen is hard work! There’s so much one needs to think about that it can easily become daunting. However, if you break things down into individual parts, and work from there, you should find it’s a lot easier! And, if there’s one part of kitchen design that you want to consider above all others, it’s your cabinets.

Your cabinets are, by and large, what’s going to set the tone for your dream kitchen. The way that they’re colored and detailed will largely determine what kind of “style” your kitchen achieves. However, your kitchen cabinets aren’t purely about aesthetics. They’re also about convenience and storage, and you have to know what kinds of cabinets you need and where to place them.

It’s a lot to think about, that’s for sure! However, if you follow some simple time-tested advice, then you’ll find that picking and laying out the right cabinets can be easier than you ever thought it might be. Below, we’ve collected 20 awesome tips that can help you to design the right cabinets for your kitchen. So, take a look, and see if you can’t have that dream kitchen of yours sooner rather than later.

1. Drink Up

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One thing that can be a great addition to your wall cabinets is a wine rack, just like you see in this beautiful white kitchen.

2. Unique Doors

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While you can keep things traditional with your cabinet doors, doing something unique can really add spark to your kitchen’s design.

3. Wood Grain

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If you’re going to keep things simpler with wooden cabinets, always choose a material that has an interesting grain.

4. Accent

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Rather than going with one solid cabinet color, you can use accents – as this cabinet does with the darker wood notes.

5. Unique Positions

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You can put cabinets in unconventional places to increase utility. Check out the cabinets on the front of this wrap-around countertop.