20 Home Bar Design Ideas

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Having a home that’s built for entertaining is a thing of beauty. There’s nothing quite like inviting friends and family over to enjoy your home and all of the things in it. And, when you want a home that’s truly built for entertaining, there’s one thing that you need to have above all else… You need to have a home bar, of course!

Now, a home bar isn’t just for entertaining. It’s also something classy that you can enjoy on your own, say for a nightcap after a long day’s work… And when you have a home bar, you want it to be as cool and suave as possible. The home dive bar is not something you want, after all!

This is why we thought it would be fun to take a look at some amazing home bars designs. In the 20 examples that follow, we think that you’ll see the extent of what’s possible when you really decide to build a home bar that’s everything that it can be. In fact, we think these 20 examples will provide all of the inspiration you need build a home bar that impresses and amazes. Let’s take a look…

1. The Pub Style

image named 20 Home Bar Design Ideas 1Those with a yen for old-timey pubs will find much to love about this beautiful home bar design.

2. Symmetrical Design

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The real standouts here are the symmetrical layout and the beautiful stone backsplash. Simple, but elegant!

3. Full Entertaining

image named 20 Home Bar Design Ideas 3Here’s a beautiful U-shaped bar that’s absolutely perfect for entertaining a large number of guests.

4. Wood and Stone

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The combination of the raw wood and stone that makes up this bar is absolutely a thing of beauty.

5. Passing Spaces

image named 20 Home Bar Design Ideas 5In a larger home, a transitory space can be the ideal place to locate your home bar.