20 Gorgeous Open-Concept Rooms

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If there’s one trend in home design that’s here to stay, it’s definitely open-concept living spaces. There’s just something about taking all of the walls out of a home that really creates an inviting atmosphere. What’s more is that opting for an open-concept living space can make your design choices a bit easier, as you will be able to decorate two separate spaces in the same manner.

Now, if you’ve been thinking about an open-concept for your home, or else are looking for ways of decorating an open-concept space you already have, then you’re in a for a real treat. Below, we’re going to share 20 absolutely gorgeous open-concept rooms.

These tremendous examples of open-concept living run the gamut. You’ll find examples that have a beautiful rustic design scheme, just the same as you’ll find those with sleek and contemporary design schemes. In the end, if you’re looking for inspiration for an open-concept living space of your own, then you’ve come to the right place! Every one of these rooms is gorgeous, and you’ll absolutely want to copy some of what you see…

1. Look Up!

image named 20 Gorgeous Open Concept Rooms 1Given how gorgeous the ceiling in this open-concept room is, it’s wise that the furniture is understated and white. Keep the visual focus of an open-concept room where it belongs!

2. Open Spaces

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This open-concept space is really open, leaving plenty of negative space that’s defined by a statement area rug.

3. A Nice Table

image named 20 Gorgeous Open Concept Rooms 3The choice to put a small table and chairs right below the massive window in this open-concept space is definitely the right call.

4. Hanging Lights

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You’ve got to love the way this open-concept space uses hanging lights to define different sections of the room.

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