20 Gorgeous Family Room Design Ideas

16. Creative

image named family rooms 31

Open shelving to display your favorite pieces makes this open space so much fun. Opening the small space to the bedroom makes it feel larger than it looks.

17. Earthy

image named family rooms 32

All the earth elements in this family room, from the stone fireplace to the accent colors, bring the outdoors in for perfect balance.

18. Game Room

image named family rooms 33

The pool table and bar make this a great place to play games. Slate walls and dark wood floor keep the space classy and pretty.

19. Bathed in Warmth

image named family rooms 34

The warm elements in this family room all work together, from the honey and caramel chairs to the mocha area rug. This cozy space is delicious.

20. Window View

image named family rooms 35

This large window lets nature be a part of your décor. The outside influence is apparent in the area rug and the wood textures throughout.

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