20 Gorgeous Family Room Design Ideas

11. Green Dream

image named family rooms 26

The green patterned drapes in this room add such a pretty glow to the rest of the accents. That green chair and blonde floor are the perfect touch.

12. Attic in White

image named family rooms 27

This attic space family room is cozy and clean looking with white furniture, blonde floor and that slanted ceiling. Windows keep it light and bright.

13. Open Doors

image named family rooms 28

With the sliding doors between this family room and the dining area, you have the option of more space, or more privacy. It’s nice to have choices.

14. Seeing Double

image named family rooms 29

With the two -room fireplace in this family room, you can enjoy the warmth from either side. Watch tv on one side, relax on the other.

15. Simple

image named family rooms 30

The design of this family room keeps it simple and clean. Brown and black design elements are classic and striking.

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