20 Gorgeous Family Room Design Ideas

6. Basement Haven

image named family rooms 21

This basement family room is your own private hideaway. Sage sofa pillows bring the outside in, light wood keeps the room spacious.

7. Log Cabin Luxury

image named family rooms 22

This decadent family room has the flavor of a log cabin, but with all the luxury you could want. Fireplace and lots of room for dining and relaxing, with a large patio extending the space.

8. Rough Charm

image named family rooms 23

This rough-hewn fireplace brings the feel of the outdoors into this family room. The open shelving gives it a bit of country flair.

9. Striking

image named family rooms 24

Striped window shades and bright blue sofas bring a punch of color to this family room. What a cozy place tucked into the upstairs area!

10. Long & Lean

image named family rooms 25

This long and lean family room has all the elements you need. Fireplace, lots of comfy sofa room and a beautiful view throughout.

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