20 Gorgeous Backyard Patio Designs and Ideas

20 Gorgeous Backyard Patio Designs and Ideas-10

In creating a beautiful home, you’re obviously going to spend a lot of time thinking about the design of your indoor living spaces. However, what’s inside of your home is only half of the battle. You also need to think about what you’re doing with your outdoor living spaces, and how your backyard and patio can become places that you can enjoy year round.

Just as you encounter with indoor living spaces, there are a lot of aspects of design that one needs to consider with backyards and patios. From landscaping, to patio materials, to fire pits, and even to swimming pools, there are a lot of ways in which to make a backyard and patio something that you’re proud of and can enjoy immensely.

In the following 20 examples, we’re going to take a look at 20 absolutely gorgeous backyard patios. By examining the design choices that were made with each, we’ll also be identifying a number of tremendous ideas that you can use to beautify your home’s own backyard patio! If you feel like your patio needs some improvement, and you know that your outdoor living spaces could offer so much more for your home, then you’ve absolutely got to check these out!

1. The Outdoor Living Room

20 Gorgeous Backyard Patio Designs and Ideas-1

A fire pit is always a fun thing to include as part of your patio, but having an actual outdoor fireplace is something different. This almost feels like an outdoor living room.

2. A Beautiful Urban Pergola

20 Gorgeous Backyard Patio Designs and Ideas-2

For some, outdoor living space is at a premium. That’s why a patio / pergola design like this can do so much!

3. Grilling and Chilling

20 Gorgeous Backyard Patio Designs and Ideas-3

Situated at the far edge of the backyard, this patio design, which includes a fireplace and outdoor kitchen, creates an excellent place for grilling and chilling.

4. Creating a Natural Look

20 Gorgeous Backyard Patio Designs and Ideas-4

An overly designed patio can sometimes feel unnatural. That’s why including climbing plants in the build can be such a wise decision. Look how well blended this patio is!