20 Fabulously Designed Living Rooms

11. Large & Lovely

image named living rooms 491

You won’t be lacking any space in this roomy living space. Lots of places to relax, either inside or out, large fireplace for cozy nights.

12. Creative Space

image named living rooms 492

This small living space seems to have all the elements. Kitchen flows through to bath, which flows to living area. Smart use of space.

13. Sparse

image named living rooms 493

Sparsely furnished living space leaves plenty of room for air. Matching rugs and lots of light bring it all together.

14. Peaceful

image named living rooms 494

This small living space with stone hearth and textured elements is just the right space to relax and get peaceful.

15. All-In-One

image named living rooms 495

This living room joins up with the dining area and the outside space for one large place to call home. Don’t you love those green lamps?

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