20 Fabulously Designed Living Rooms

6. Olympic Gold

image named living rooms 486

This gold art piece conjures up Olympic triumph in this living space. Gold hardware throughout and an open concept make the space oh-so-glam.

7. Polka Dot Pleasure

image named living rooms 487

The polka-dot curtains in this living room are a perfect accent to the pillows and the area rug trim. Matching glory.

8. Quaint

image named living rooms 488

This small living space is cozy and quaint. Wall sconces add a warm glow, while the skylights make for many sunny days.

9. Manly

image named living rooms 489

This living space has a solid, masculine feel with its’ dark wood and accents. From floor to ceiling it’s a man’s world.

10. Perfect Glow

image named living rooms 490

Doesn’t this living room positively glow with warmth and beauty? Those sheer black curtains and black rug are a perfect complement to all the design elements, especially that tv wall.

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