20 Fabulously Designed Living Rooms

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Living rooms that are beautifully designed are by their very nature inviting and warm. Regardless of whether you are using dark woods or light colors, if your living room’s theme is cohesive and organized then your friends and family will have no objection to spending hours having a good time in this room.

Critical design elements to achieving this goal include having a theme. If you prefer the rustic theme, then your furnishings should have the feel of being a bit older even if they’re brand new. Conversely, if you have a more modern theme but get your furnishings from the thrift store, some sandpaper, paint, and elbow grease will make these items look like they’re brand new.

The 20 photos shown below offer great templates for how to keep your living room thematic. You’ll love these photos because they’ll inspire you to create a room beyond your wildest imagination.

1. Rustic & Gorgeous

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This rustic feeling living space has all the earthy elements you desire. Fireplace with wood storage, leather sofa and lots of beautiful wood.

2. Beige Beauty

image named living rooms 482

All the pieces work together in this beige styled living room. From the furniture to the rug to the accessories, it’s a perfect match.

3. Fire & Ice

image named living rooms 483

All the white in this room is icy cool, blended with the dark elements for a striking look.

4. Hanging Fire

image named living rooms 484

Look at this suspended fireplace! It creates a matching look with the dining lamps, and adds a fun element to this open and spacious living area.

5. High Rise Glam

image named living rooms 485

This giant silver tube is certainly the focal point of this high rise living area. Is it functional or decorative? You decide.