20 Fabulously Designed Large Living Rooms

16. Golden Circles

image named living rooms 476

This golden art piece, accented by the wall lighting, makes for a light and creative space.

17. Bold Colors

image named living rooms 4771

These bold accent pillows and green window cushion make for a whimsical feel in this bright, sunny space.

18. Stone Luxury

image named living rooms 478

This beautiful stone fireplace is majestic in its’ own right. Warm glowing sconces complete the look.

19. Azure Splash

image named living rooms 479

The blue in this room adds a bit of a nautical feel, the red accents say otherwise. Bold prints and textures make it all work perfectly.

20. Sweet Green

image named living rooms 480

The soft green walls in this room make for a peaceful living space. Natural light and glass keep the theme.