20 Fabulously Designed Large Living Rooms

11. High Rise Gem

image named living rooms 471

This high-rise living space is a true room with a view. All the natural light keeps it sunny and warm.

12. Charcoal & Brown

image named living rooms 472

What a glorious combination of earthy designs. Soft, brown sofa with charcoal drapes and matching accents give this living room special style.

13. Orange Creamsicle

image named living rooms 4731

The orange accents in this living room punch up the color and the fun. The soft yellow couch provides the creamy background. Note those gorgeous pendant lights over the table.

14. Top Tier

image named living rooms 474

This lovely living space has the best view from the top. Kept simply furnished, it draws attention to those large windows and the skyline beyond.

15. Artist Space

image named living rooms 475

This living space has the feel of an artists’ studio. The lighting, artwork and simple design lets you be the creative one.