20 Fabulously Designed Large Living Rooms

6. Wide Open

image named living rooms 466

This open living room that joins the outside space and kitchen makes living and entertaining a breeze.

7. Small Wonder

image named living rooms 4672

This cozy living area may be small but it’s got all the right elements. Large windows make it feel larger and brighter.

8. Sunny Disposition

image named living rooms 468

From the yellow sofa to the artwork, this sunny space is all about happy. Lots of natural light, and that swing chair keep the fun going.

9. Clean & Cozy

image named living rooms 469

This fireplace within a fireplace makes clean up a breeze. Cozy furniture and accents make the space feel so good.

10. Tree House

image named living rooms 4701

The soft vines and green rug make this living space feel like you’re outside. Your own little treehouse to enjoy.