20 Fabulous Kitchen Design Ideas

6. Smooth and Simple

image named white kitchens 216

No handles, no knobs – smooth simplicity is the impactful name of this game.

7. All About Those Shelves

image named white kitchens 217

Elongated open shelving makes a modern, rustic alternative to traditional cabinetry.

8. Tongue and Groove Ceiling

image named white kitchens 218

Wooden slats form a sleek tongue and groove ceiling in this flawless white kitchen, an artistic variation from drywall or tile.

9. Lights, Camera, Action!

image named white kitchens 219

Sparkling light fixturing and the unexpected luxury of under-counter lighting on the kitchen island adds an element of extravagance to this modern kitchen.

10.  Stone Tile

image named white kitchens 220

Stone-look tile flooring is a beautiful and practical alternative to traditional tile or laminate flooring, perfect for this sleek modern kitchen decorated in neutral hues.