20 Fabulous Kitchen Design Ideas

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In many ways, the kitchen is the most important room in the home because it is in the kitchen where the soul of the house resides. This is the place where meals are shared, and that makes it a place that should always feel inviting, welcoming, and a showcase place.

There are many different design elements to consider in your kitchen. Most notable is the appliances – some kitchens are great for stainless steel while others look better with white appliances. Also important to consider is how much cooking you intend to do so you can find the right stove and accessories.

The 20 photos below show you different ways to create the kitchen of your dreams using some classical design ideas that never go out of style.

1. See Those Ceilings 

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A variety of ceiling types lend visual interest and open up the room for a light, airy feel.

2. Nice and Warm

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Nothing says home like comfort and warmth.  Bring that into the kitchen with brightly-hued rugs and a shiny copper stove hood paired with warm wooden accents.

3. Fix Your Eyes

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Beautifully mysterious lighting fixtures turn a simple white kitchen island into a statement-making fixture.

4. Crown Molding

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Magnificent crown molding lends an air of grand luxury to an otherwise modest space.

5. Texture and Tone

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Add interest to a basic kitchen with textural elements such as wooden side panels, perfectly paired with a brightly-hued backsplash.

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