20 Exciting Family Room Design Ideas

6. Skylight, Sky Bright

image named family rooms 286

Skylights are the best way to add natural light and depth to a smaller room.

7. Opulent Entertaining

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Indulge your tastes for the luxurious with an elegant muted blue and gold palette, coupled with an assortment of intricately carved and patterned furnishings.

8. Oversized Sectional

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This plush blue sectional features multiple ottomans and detaching pieces for a variety of seating combinations.

9. Clean and Clear

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Deviate from tradition with a modern, minimalist fireplace like this contrasting black and white ensemble.

10.  Honeycomb Shelving

image named family rooms 290

An instant conversation-starter, this uniquely-shaped shelving unit makes for fashionable and functional wall art.