20 Exciting Family Room Design Ideas

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Many rooms in the house are not necessarily the showcase rooms like the living room and the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. Take the family room, what may be an out of the way place for designers is the hub of activity within a home, and should be designed with that same respect in mind.

Family rooms come in all shapes and sizes. A key element to the family room should be to set it apart from the other rooms but not overly so. An example of this in design is if you have window treatments in the home, the ones in the family room should be of a brighter, more kid-friendly color. The other thing to think about is finding pieces and décor with personality yet isn’t over the top. Patterned rugs and knick-knacks for bookshelves are examples of this idea.

Your family room can definitely draw inspiration from the list of 20 designs below. Check them out and see what you can incorporate in what should be everyone’s favorite room in the house.

1. Hardwood Flooring

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Genuine hardwood flooring warms this white-walled family room and adds a touch of classic elegance.

2. Graphic Pattern

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A graphic printed carpet in neutral hues offsets this classic fireplace and white furniture with a flair of personality.

3. Rustic Library

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Rustic woodwork and a vintage rolling ladder make this library-inspired family room a classic design for book lovers everywhere.

4. Color and Pattern

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Pair pops of vivid color with simple patterns to create a child-friendly family room full of warm, inviting personality.

5. Multicultural Elegance

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A muted palette and varied décor make this elegant family room an artistic expression of the family’s love of worldwide culture.