20 Distinctively Unique Kitchen Design Ideas

16. Shelves Galore

image named white kitchens 171

If you find yourself hampered by a lack of cabinetry, never fear – shelving is your best friend!  Display those beautiful glasses and dishes proudly and top it off with some artistic antique store finds.

17. Break It Up

image named white kitchens 172

Keep things interesting with a small layout by removing a cabinet and installing floating shelves instead.

18. Textural Elements

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Tiled flooring, paned glass doors, and a uniquely colored laminate feature wall – each element is carefully placed to draw the eye with visual interest.

19.  Block It Off

image named white kitchens 174

Block shelves can save a boring wall – use them to create interesting shapes and save space in cupboards.

20. Uncaged

image named white kitchens 175

The cheery nature of these mock birdcages brightens the entire kitchen without even having to turn their hidden light fixtures on.

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