20 Distinctively Unique Kitchen Design Ideas

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For people who love to prepare meals, there are core design concerns with the kitchen – namely is there enough counter space, how is the stove, and can the refrigerator store lots of food. Looking past these areas of concern though, there are many opportunities to serve up a kitchen that is truly one of a kind.

Some areas that people can create amazing kitchen design are the smallest ones. For example, cabinet handles. Having unique handles adds flair to your kitchen. Other things that can also be distinct in design are the accoutrements such as the dishtowels, napkins, wall treatments and even placement of plants like fresh herbs.

To get creative, check out the list of 20 different photos below. These photos will definitely get your creative juices flowing and your kitchen design project will take off.

1. Look, Ma – No Handles!

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Fancy hardware would only detract from the simple allure of pure white cabinetry seen in this modern compact kitchen.

2. Lights, Lights, and More Lights

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Gleaming bulbs and brushed chrome make these statement lighting fixtures a conversation-starter for any kitchen.

3. Hardwood Floors

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A luxurious alternative to traditional tile, this wide-plank hardwood floor’s dark finish contrasts beautifully with the white cabinetry and chrome appliances.

4. Wooden Countertop

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Uniquely retro and an all-natural alternative to granite, a wooden countertop offsets this vintage refrigerator with old-school charm and flair.

5. Brushed Chrome

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Keep your metals simple with the theme of brushed chrome, from the statement light fixturing to stove hood to unique cabinet door handles.