20 Cozy Living Room Design Ideas

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The open concept living room presents some interesting challenges for people wishing to create an inviting space. The critical feature all living rooms must have is an atmosphere that is cozy and inviting to family and friends.

Fortunately, solving the problem of making a large, open space feel more intimate is not as difficult as you may think. Having a well-positions piece of furniture along with a focal point in the room – for example a coffee table – is a great way to accomplish this goal.

The good news is you can take the open concept and make it cozy just like these 20 photos demonstrate. Check them out and apply their ideas to your living room.

1. So Fluffy

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Thick, tufty fabrics are a nifty way to make your room feel playful and comfortable at the same time.

2. Reflect It

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Large imposing stone chimneys can be made less so by hanging mirrors to reflect the room.

3. Interesting Shelves

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Minimalist wooden grid bookshelves are smart choices for modern living rooms. Fill it with books, vases, and plants.

4. Bright

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This kind of living room design just goes to show how big of an effect natural day lighting has on a space.

5. Nautical

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Nautical themes are a time-tested fan favorite among interior designers when it comes to living rooms.

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