20 Classically Designed Kitchens

16. Killer Accents

image named white kitchens 571

Bring life to a space with just the right variety of materials and accent pieces like the blue woodworks, brushed metal lamps, and brick tiles in this kitchen.

17. Cozy and Bright

image named white kitchens 572

Use bright color palettes and light wood tones to make cozy kitchen nooks feel less constricting and more open.

18. Blurred Lines

image named white kitchens 573

Blur the line between the indoors and outdoors by surrounding your kitchen with natural light and views.

19. Industrial

image named white kitchens 574

The clean lines and dark wood finishes characteristic of the industrial style are great ways to define space in an open floor plan.

20. Fresh Fruits

image named white kitchens 575

Fruits, especially fresh citrus ones, are great for kitchen spaces. They add a little bit of color and their fresh scent adds a lot to the room as well.

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