20 Classically Designed Kitchens

11. Windows on the Inside

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If you prefer the cozy, enclosed feel of a kitchen but want some light, you could always go with glass partitions.

12. The L Shape

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L-shaped kitchens give you just that extra bit of countertop space that you need while being space-saving and compact.

13. Here Comes the Sun

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Give you kitchen sinks bay windows for some welcome amount of extra sunlight. Throw in some sunflowers to make it even brighter.

14. Cooking Up High

image named white kitchens 569

Although typically on the first floor of a house, some kitchen designs work well even located at higher levels such as the one in this example.

15. Dark Blue

image named white kitchens 570

A deep, dark navy hue works well as a design accent, especially when used in a white kitchen.

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