20 Classically Designed Kitchens

6. Everything Follows

image named white kitchens 561

When picking out a central theme for your kitchen, make sure to apply it to everything – from your chosen lighting types to your bar stools.

7. For the Light

image named white kitchens 562

Providing wide glass doors on the opposite side of a room to your main kitchen space provides you with some adequate lighting without giving you too much glare.

8. Nautical

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Nautical themes are popular choices for home spaces, even kitchen spaces such as this one.

9. Be Consistent

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Keeping a common motif for your interior designed spaces – such as the common wood finishes of the floor and countertops here – makes your home feel coherent and intelligently designed.

10. Center of the Space

image named white kitchens 565

Kitchen islands, when done right, can function as the centerpiece of any white kitchen design.

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