20 Brilliant Open Kitchen Design Ideas

16. Clean and Clear

image named white kitchens 116

So sleek and smooth it’s almost invisible, this pure white kitchen features flawless cabinetry and a recessed breakfast bar.

17. Cosy Comfort

image named white kitchens 117

Warmly-hued tile floors and natural lighting make this white kitchen inviting all the way from brunch to dinner.

18. Compare and Contrast

image named white kitchens 118

Rich wood accents and unique light fixtures contrast beautifully with this clean, minimalist kitchen.

19. Chrome Beauty

image named white kitchens 119

Sleek and shiny is the name of the game with the bar chairs and polished stove hood of this expansive modern kitchen. 

20. Old World Elegance

image named white kitchens 120

All the rich elegance of yesteryear comes to light here with glittering chandeliers and coffered ceilings.