20 Brilliant Open Kitchen Design Ideas

11. Industrial Evolution

image named white kitchens 111

Minimalist and stylish, the gray and white palette of this open layout features open shelving and chrome appliances.

12. Function and Feature

image named white kitchens 112

The usual kitchen island goes to a whole new level with these recessed chrome bar stools and lots of hidden storage.

13. Organization Magic

image named white kitchens 113

Sort and shelve to your heart’s content with these hidden drawers and cupboards of all shapes and sizes.

14. Modern Elegance

image named white kitchens 114

Chic and sophisticated, the tiled floor and backsplash of this kitchen take second place only to the artistic lighting and modern shelf system.

15. Oversized Pantry

image named white kitchens 115

Who doesn’t want to have all their ingredients in one place?  And you can, with this beautifully oversized pantry and storage closet.