20 Brilliant Open Kitchen Design Ideas

6. Make a Splash

image named white kitchens 106

Unique backsplashes like this angled, multi-hued stone are always a fabulous way to showcase your artistic flair.

7. Big Happy Family

image named white kitchens 107

The heart of the home, this spacious kitchen holds plenty of room at the table for every member of the family, and even has a cosy little breakfast nook tucked away.

8. Vaulted Ceiling

image named white kitchens 108

The painted beams of this vaulted ceiling elevate the room, adding dimension and space to an already grand layout.

9. Skylight

image named white kitchens 109

Unique chrome fixtures and a perfectly placed skylight allow for both natural and artificial illumination.

10. Color and Charm

image named white kitchens 110

Warm, earthy hues and a patterned tile backsplash make this kitchen cheerful and inviting.