20 Brilliant Open Kitchen Design Ideas

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Open kitchens are the style that is most in demand by designers right now, and for many people deciding about the different ideas that they want in their kitchen. When designing your dream kitchen, there are so many different things to think about and all the choices make it that much more fun.

For your kitchen, there are a variety of different motifs that you may be interested in. Some people prefer the bare-bones industrial look while others have an affinity for the farmhouse theme. Your choices should reflect who you are, so if you love the smoothness of subway tile or the ease of cooking with great organizational design, these 20 photos will provide all sorts of ideas.

There is plenty to consider when you are designing a kitchen. Everything from counters to appliances is in play, so have fun and let your style come through!

1. Subway Tile

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To engage the eye and add a pop of visual interest, create a feature wall like this expanse of pure white subway tile.

2. Contemporary Chic

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Whoever said neutrals were boring has obviously never seen this sleek contemporary layout of gray and white!

3. Open Air

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Feed the artistic eye as well as the body with this expansive open floor plan, where a large kitchen island and adjoining patio making plenty of room for entertaining.

4. Less Is More

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If space is precious in your high-rise, take a lesson from this adorably compact kitchen nook, having everything you need within arm’s reach – literally, in any direction!

5. Café Rustica

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Handsome dark wood accents frame the backbone of this spacious kitchen, adding a rustic charm to the modernity of its layout.