20 Breathtaking Open-Concept Kitchen Design Ideas

11. Twinkle

image named white kitchens 491

This starry ceiling of lights casts a perfect glow in this kitchen. Plenty of seating lets you entertain everyone under the stars.

12. High-rise Chic

image named white kitchens 492

This upper level kitchen has the perfect view of the city. Efficient storage and clean lines create space in a small area.

13. Asymmetrical Gem

image named white kitchens 493

The asymmetrical cabinets on the left make such a unique design. It adds a cozy air to this sweet little white kitchen.

14. Dove Gray

image named white kitchens 494

This kitchen/dining space is so elegant and pretty with the dove gray cabinetry. Contrasting white fireplace and clear dining set blended with the lighting make for an elegant finish.

15. Cute Kitchen

image named white kitchens 495

This kitchen is so cute in its’ simplicity. Simple storage, seating and appliances make for a comfortable space.