20 Awesome and Colorful Home Exteriors

20 Awesome and Colorful Home Exteriors-title
Are you one of those people that dare to be different? If that’s the case, then you don’t want a home that looks like every other cookie-cutter home in the neighborhood. You want something that stands out, something that reflects your unique personality and makes a bold statement. You want the exterior of your home to be as colorful as possible.

Of course, you could just reach for the nearest can of neon paint and go to town, but you know that you want your home to be attractive to regard. If you’re going to go colorful, then you need to think about what colors work well with one another and how they can be balanced to the best effect. That’s why we’ve gone to the trouble of collecting these 20 awesome and colorful home exterior examples. Here you’ll find a number of different homes that make bold color choices, while at the same time managing to look composed and beautiful.

So, come take a look, and see if you can’t find an inspirational color scheme that could work for your home! Even if you can’t, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy seeing all of these colorful homes just the same.

1. Ivy Green

20 Awesome and Colorful Home Exteriors-1

While you might not normally think of ivy green for your home’s exterior, check out how well it works with the brick.

2. Poppin’ Red

20 Awesome and Colorful Home Exteriors-2

The red shutters and front door add a lot of pop to this home’s exterior look.

3. Victorian Style

20 Awesome and Colorful Home Exteriors-3

A colorful paint job like the one you see here can really add some visual interest to a Victorian home.

4. Oranges

20 Awesome and Colorful Home Exteriors-4

The use of orange on the exterior of this contemporary home really accentuates the architectural design.

5. Peachy Keen

20 Awesome and Colorful Home Exteriors-5

In warmer climates, a peach color like this home uses can really add some charm to your home’s exterior.