20 Amazingly Designed Open-Concept Kitchens

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When kitchens started moving towards the open concept, this allowed designers to be even more creative with how they set up a home’s thematic elements along with the kitchen’s functional elements. What happened is people in open-concept kitchens now have more space than ever, and the good news is they’re ready to use it effectively and creatively.

A great example of the creativity of the open concept is how pantry closets are no longer obtrusive. Instead, many pantries are now just shelves in the kitchen itself. In large kitchens with high ceilings, this means using the ladder attached to the shelves to get the important ingreidents. The other design element people love is the smooth rounded corners of the counters. This is a small detail, yet it is one that make the stone counters look far more impressive.

These 20 photos below will give you plenty of ideas moving forward when designing your kitchen. Keep them handy as you get deeper into the project and you won’t regret it.

1. Black & White

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This black and white kitchen is clean and organized. Handy storage keeps everything tucked away nicely.

2. Minimalist Gem

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This kitchen keeps it small but covers all the bases. Small island for food preparation, along with all the other necessary items.

3. Kitchen in the Round

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How about this unique kitchen design? Round island, round ceiling and lighting. Beautiful and functional.

4. Stark White

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This stark white kitchen with black countertops and glass display has all the elements you want. Simple design is oh-so-quaint.

5. Industrial

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This kitchen has a bit of an industrial feel, with the metal island and sharp lines. Check out that chalkboard shopping list.

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