20 Amazing Sunroom Designs

5. Outdoor Furniture

20 Amazing Sunroom Designs-5

To really accentuate the feeling of being outdoors while being indoors, you may consider using “outdoor” furniture within your sunroom.

6. Up, Up and Away!

20 Amazing Sunroom Designs-6

For a sunroom that feels truly grand, you may wish to consider raising those ceilings as high as you can. Isn’t this example gorgeous?

7. Sunroom to Patio

20 Amazing Sunroom Designs-7

For the warmer months, it’s a great thing that this sunroom flows perfectly into the patio thanks to sliding doors.

8. Clean and Contemporary

20 Amazing Sunroom Designs-8

The clean and contemporary shapes of this sunroom featuring skylights is perfectly accentuated by the furniture choices.

9. Hanging Plants

Sierra Exif JPEG
Sierra Exif JPEG

A sunroom can also be the perfect place to include hanging plants, as these help to further build upon the theme of bringing the outdoors indoors.

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