20 Amazing Accent Walls

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There are plenty of different ways in which you can eke out the very best looks for the various rooms in your home. You can play with different furniture arrangements. You can try repositioning various décor items here and there. You can play around with color schemes, with materials and with fabrics. And you can do a whole host of other things, too!

But, when you’re trying to find a means of centering any living space, there’s one thing that you should always consider: incorporating an accent wall. An accent wall is something that does much more than merely add visual spark to a room. It can actually become a focal point for the entire design, giving something for each other element to bend itself toward.

With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to take a look at a bunch of different accent walls. In fact, we’ve collected 20 amazing accent wall examples below. In each, we think you’ll see the design possibilities that accents walls can open up for your home’s living spaces. In the end, we think you might just decide to include an accent wall in some or maybe even all of your home’s rooms! Let’s take a look.

1. Long Stripes

image named 20 Amazing Accent Walls 1Right by the home’s entrance, this accent wall featuring long stripes helps to invite people into the home.

2. Pairing Up

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Check out how the accent wall in this bedroom helps to determine the color scheme of the bed itself.

3. Same Thing

image named 20 Amazing Accent Walls 3The same effect is on display here, but the lighter tone of the accent wall leads to a brighter room.

4. Open Concept

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Accent walls can be used to great effect in open-concept homes in order to define different living spaces.

5. Feminine Touch

image named 20 Amazing Accent Walls 5The pink-and-white striped accent wall of this bedroom adds just the right amount of feminine touch to the design.

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