20 Adorable Family Room Design Ideas

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Not every room in the home can be the place where cuteness and togetherness prevails. That’s not a bad thing, just a statement of reality. However, in rooms like the family room, it is important to have design that reflects the family’s values but at the same time be such an adorable place that the family doesn’t want to leave the room.

The key to creating adorable atmosphere by design is furnishings and elements that are comfortable looking and feeling. Plush chairs and sofas along with warm wood are easily two elements that accomplish this goal. Other great design elements include stuffed animals, a great place for them is on a window sill or that same plush couch.

Getting ideas is easy, simply look at the 20 photos below, and you will find yourself overcome with different ways you can make your family room a truly wonderful place.

1. Slouchy Comfort

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These oversized slouchy sofa pillows are oh-so-inviting. Curl up and watch an old movie or take an afternoon nap.

2. Wood Charmer

image named family rooms 62

All the wood in this family room warms the space and makes it so cozy. Wood storage for the fireplace, wood ceiling and floors surround the space in comfort.

3. High Ceiling Haven

image named family rooms 63

This mile high ceiling gives the feeling of endless space. Lots of natural light shows all the beautiful accents.

4. All-in-One

image named family rooms 64

This family room/dining room combo has it all. Fireplace and big screen, just steps away from the table and piano make it so versatile. All those windows light up the space.

5. Cozy Space

image named family rooms 65

This nook is just the right size for reading, chatting, having that cup of morning coffee. Natural light makes it feel oh-so-sweet.