19 Brilliant and Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

19 Brilliants and Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas-title

When it comes to kitchen design, there are some huge things that a homeowner needs to consider. Naturally, the cabinetry will be the biggest decision that needs to be made, along with the overall layout of the space. After that, you’ll spend a lot of time thinking about the sink, the appliances, and even the cabinet hardware. You’ll also spend a great degree of time thinking about what flooring decision is going to work best…

But, there’s an aspect of kitchen design that might be more important that many of these other considerations. While the backsplash may not be the most functional or largest element of your kitchen’s design, the backsplash goes a long way toward determining the overall look of the space. Without a well-chosen and designed backsplash, an otherwise beautiful kitchen can often seem completely underwhelming. That’s why you’ve got to think about this element!

With this in mind, we’re going to take a look at 19 brilliant and beautiful kitchen backsplash ideas. Here you’ll find plenty of inspiration for a kitchen design of your own, seeing just how important the right backsplash can be for establishing the look and style that you want. Let’s take a look!

1. Competing Ideas

19 Brilliants and Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas-1

Using a different backsplash behind your range and underneath the rest of the counters can be a very visually appealing choice.

2. Stone Equals Luxury

19 Brilliants and Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas-2

Those who want to impart their kitchen with a luxury feel will find a lot to love about the quartzite wall tiles that were used here.

3. Extending the Countertop

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To complete the luxury look of this beautiful white kitchen, the white marble countertops are actually extended and used as the kitchen’s backsplash.

4. Subway Tiles

19 Brilliants and Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas-4

While you’ll typically see subway tiles deployed for the backsplashes of contemporary kitchens, they work well with other styles too!