19 Backyards with Amazing Landscaping

5. A Small Backyard Writ Large

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When you want to increase the sense of space and luxury of a small backyard, including a water feature as part of the landscaping is always a sound decision.

6. Gravel and Stone Steps

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When dealing with uneven terrain, you can preserve the natural beauty of your backyard by using gravel and stone to create steps.

7. Obscuring the Fence

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While fences are great for privacy, they can also be something of an eyesore. Smart landscaping can help to obscure the fence and accentuate the beauty of your backyard.

8. Urban Controlled Backyard

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In an urban environment, it can often be advisable to make your backyard as low-maintenance as possible. Check out how this beautiful backyard does just that!

9. Stone Patio Expansion

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Rather than just confining a stone patio to the area directly behind you home, consider extending it outward. By doing so, you can create a beautiful outdoor seating area.