18 Wonderful Ideas for a Garden Pond

18 Wonderful Ideas for a Garden Pond-title

Tending to a home garden can be one of the simple joys that make life worth living. As such, homeowners are always looking for ways in which to beautify their outdoor spaces, hoping to make them increasingly more relaxing and attractive. While there’s certainly a lot you can do in terms of selecting the right plants and flowers, as well as planters and other design elements, there’s one thing that trumps them all: adding a water feature.

When you add a pond to a garden, you’re really transforming the space. Not only does the pond present something beautiful to look at, it also fills the air in your garden with the sonorous sounds of rushing water.

Likely you’ve already considered putting a small pond (or maybe even a large one) in your garden. If this is the case, then you might be looking for some design inspiration. Well, we’ve collected 18 of the most beautiful garden ponds we’ve ever seen!

As you go through them, you’ll see how they’re perfectly incorporated into the design of the garden, taking something that’s already beautiful to look at and transforming it into something transcendent. Let’s take a look…

1. Waterfalls

18 Wonderful Ideas for a Garden Pond-1

This beautiful garden pond is made into something truly extraordinary thanks to this stunning waterfall feature.

2. Rocks

18 Wonderful Ideas for a Garden Pond-2

Using large rocks, it’s possible to create a bridge over your garden pond, something that both you and guests will appreciate.

3. Bamboo

18 Wonderful Ideas for a Garden Pond-3

You can frame your garden pond in a number of different ways; check out how the vibe that the bamboo imparts in this example.