18 Deck Designs That Are Absolutely Stunning

18 Deck Designs That Are Absolutely Stunning-title

When it comes to design, you’re thinking so much about what’s inside of your home. You’re wondering about the drapes, and whether or not they’re the right color or style. You’re wondering about your furniture; is that leather couch really the right decision? How about your dining room – will that expensive dining room table made out of reclaimed exotic wood really fit in with your overall aesthetic? Those are just a few of the things you might be thinking about, which lead us to say: They call them interior designers for a reason!

All that said, the outdoor spaces around your home deserve just as much attention. As a matter of fact, you can really elevate the overall comfort of your home by adding a deck. A well-designed deck can provide additional living space, and it can provide an area where you and your family can come together in the open air. (How often does that happen today with the Internet?)

So, if you’ve been thinking about adding a deck to your home, or complete renovating the one that you already have, check out the 18 amazing deck designs that follow. You’re sure to find plenty of inspiration, and you might just find the deck design that’s perfect for your home!

1. Levels

18 Deck Designs That Are Absolutely Stunning-1

Creating an deck for your home that has multiple levels is always an excellent idea, as it creates multiple outdoor living spaces.

2. Canopy

18 Deck Designs That Are Absolutely Stunning-2

If your home is located in a warm climate, then it simply makes sense to have deck that’s covered, either by an awning or something like this.

3. Complement

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With a beautiful deck like this overlooking an open expanse of water, simple benches keep the focus where it should be.

4. Fire!

18 Deck Designs That Are Absolutely Stunning-4

The rounded contours of this beautiful deck perfectly encircle a beautiful fire pit with comfortable seating.