17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas

12. Framing the Space

17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas-12

The wood frames that tower over this backyard garden and allow space for climbing plants are simply beautiful.

13. Brick Patio

17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas-13

Using planters and inventive landscaping, this backyard patio also manages to double as a beautiful garden.

14. Oriental Style Garden

17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas-14

Those looking to have a backyard garden for their home with Oriental flair will find a lot of inspiration in this example.

15. Symmetry

17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas-15

This triangular design of this backyard garden underscores the importance of achieving some level of symmetry in any garden design.

16. Irregular Path

17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas-16

As important as symmetry is, it’s important for there to be a level of irregularity in order to make a garden appear “natural”.

17. Functional and Beautiful

17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas-17

Ultimately, even if you’re planting a garden to raise your own vegetables, you want it to be a space that’s beautiful.

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