17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas

6. Blending Colors

17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas-6

When you’re selecting plants for your backyard garden, you should definitely consider how their colors will play off one another.

7. The Garden House

17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas-7

One way in which you can really define the space of your backyard garden is to include a small and attractive garden house like this.

8. Sand Paths

17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas-8

Providing that you live in a climate that will allow for it, you can always use sand to create a garden path through your garden.

9. The Garden Bench

17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas-9

When you’re creating a lush and full garden for your backyard, you definitely want to include a garden bench, where you can sit and admire.

10. In Front of the Pool

17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas-10

As fun as it is to have a pool, one can quickly become an eyesore in your backyard. Putting a garden between your home and the pool, though, can solve this.

11. Contemporary Extension

17 Gorgeous Garden Ideas-11

One simply has to love the way that the curved lines of this backyard garden contrast (but still complement) the contemporary design of the home.

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