17 Charming Fence Planter Ideas for Your Home

17 Charming Fence Planter Ideas for Your Home-title

When we’re at home, we certainly all crave our privacy. That’s why many homeowners will choose to enclose their backyards with a fence. However, once you’ve put that fence up, you encounter another problem. While your fence might be giving your home some privacy, it’s not exactly the most attractive thing to look at.

This is where fence planters come in. With them, you can mount plants and flowers on your fence, transforming an ordinary and boring fence into something that’s actually attractive to look at.

However, when you’re installing fence planters, you don’t just want to think about what flowers and plants you’re going to put in them. You also want to think about the planters themselves. The way that the planters look, and the way that they’re incorporated into the fence itself, will go a long way toward determining the vibe of your outdoor living space.

Below, we’re going to share 17 absolutely charming fence planter ideas that you can copy. As you’ll see, a few simple things can completely redo the look of a boring fence, making actually looking at that fence something you and your guests can enjoy.

1. Repurposed Bags

17 Charming Fence Planter Ideas for Your Home-1

Got more colorful handbags than you know what to do with? Well, they can make exceptional hanging planters for your fence!

2. Shapes

17 Charming Fence Planter Ideas for Your Home-2

Building a larger planter unit, like the one you see here, can really add some visual excitement to a boring backyard fence.

3. Draping Flowers

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In terms of selecting the plants for your fence planters, we definitely recommend going with lush, hanging flowers.

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