17 Amazing Backyard Fire Pits to Gather Around

17 Amazing Backyard Fire Pits to Gather Around-title

Even in the warmer climates, things can get a little chilly once the sun goes down. Which is too bad, because most of us have spent all winter huddled up inside. When the opportunity arises to get outside for fresh air, every fiber of our being wants to stay out there, whether you’re on the beach or sitting in your own backyard.

That’s why so many homeowners these days are installing fire pits in their backyards. These fire pits allow the usefulness of outdoor living spaces to be extended, not just into the late evening hours during the summer, but also into the cooler months of the fall and early spring.

Now, you may just be thinking of the kind of fire pit that you can buy at Home Depot, and those are all well and good. But, the built-in fire pit is something else entirely. With the right design choices, you can make an outdoor area that you’ll be able to enjoy if not all year round then at least for most of it.

So come check out these 17 amazing backyard fire pits, and see if one might prove the inspiration for one that you will install in your own backyard!

1. Think Outside of the Box

17 Amazing Backyard Fire Pits to Gather Around-1

You may think you know what a fire pit looks like, but there are way more options than you might think!

2. For Example…

17 Amazing Backyard Fire Pits to Gather Around-2

Check out this amazing outdoor fire pit that also doubles as a water fountain. How relaxing would it be to sit around this on a cool evening?

3. More Choices

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As you’ve been considering a fire pit for your home, we’re willing to bet that something like this didn’t cross your mind…

4. Traditional

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Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the traditional fire pit. This one, for example, looks amazingly comfortable.