15 Stylish Family Room Design Ideas

11. Patterned and Pretty

image named family rooms 111

The mixture of patterns in this family room keep it interesting. Bold prints paired with blended accessories make for a warm space with lots of character.

12. Bold and Beautiful

image named family rooms 112

The bold patterns and colors in this family room give it lively appeal. From the bright area rug to the pillows and artwork, the theme is consistent throughout for a southwestern feel.

13. Big Barn

image named family rooms 113

This large, barn-style family room gives you all the room you’ll need for whatever you have planned. Hang out at the bar, relax in the sitting room, watch tv. The possibilities are endless.

14. Room to Roam

image named family rooms 114

Whether you’re dining in or just hanging out, this family room has what you need. Full sized eating area is just steps away from a place to relax.

15.  Cottage Cool

image named family rooms 115

The wood walls and beams in this family room feel like you’re in a private cottage. Loads of room to relax or watch the game, you’ll love all the possibilities.