15 Stylish Family Room Design Ideas

6. Dark Wood Beauty

image named family rooms 106

Dark wood beautifully sets off this marble fireplace. Cozy rug and accessories with a pop of color add just the right touch. Steps to outside, you’ll enjoy hours of relaxation here.

7. Golden Glory

image named family rooms 107

Golden furniture and drapes add to the sparkle of this family room. Fireplace and built-in tv welcome you to relax after a long day.

8. Groovy Baby

image named family rooms 108

Everything about this family room takes you back to a groovy time. From the chartreuse coffee table to the brightly colored pillows, it says lively and fun. The ceiling swirl pattern really ties it all together.

9. Gamers Paradise

image named family rooms 109

This family room is designed for fun. From the arcade games to the bar, this family room is for hanging out with friends and family for some competitive fun.

10.  Classic Living

image named family rooms 110

This family room is set up for relaxation, and some pool time. Get your game on, or watch tv. Just steps to the outside, enjoy a walk around before settling in for the night.