15 Stunning Living Room Design Ideas

6. Rustic Glam

image named living rooms 6

The always elegant chandelier takes a turn for the rustic here with this artwork made of faux antlers and brightly-colored wiring for modern contrast.

7. A Study in Neutrals

image named living rooms 7

Sky-high ceilings demand a neutral color palette and minimalist décor to offset their grandeur.

8. Feature Wall

image named living rooms 8

Sleek and modern, this dark gray stone feature wall is a unique alternative to the usual brick or stone fireplace.

9. Warm Walls

image named living rooms 9

Keep a stately living room warm and inviting with a cheerful color palette of earthy hues.

10.  A Touch of Femininity

image named living rooms 10

Chic and soft, a pastel color palette and nature-inspired décor make this living room the perfect place to curl up with a sketchbook and afternoon tea.