15 Pictures from an Amazing Tiny Bathroom Makeover!

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There’s a popular misconception about home improvement. This misconception holds that if you really want to make a dramatic change in a living space, then you’re going to need a lot of money and time to do so. The truth is completely otherwise. As a matter of fact, you can completely remodel any space in your home on a shoestring budget – and people wouldn’t even know you didn’t empty out your bank account!

We found an excellent example of this recently on a blog called Crub-to-Refurb. In it, the blogger decided to remake their tired tiny bathroom over into something bright, charming and airy. We were so impressed by the job that she did, that we decided we’d share her work with you!

Now, here’s the thing that’s most impressive about what you’re going to see. While the bathroom was completely transformed by this homeowner, she managed to make the transformation on a budget of less than $100. Seriously! Now, she happened to have a few things lying around the house already, but those would’ve barely made any change in the overall budget. So, come check out this amazing example of how you makeover a tiny bathroom on an even smaller budget!

1. The Before

Check Out This Amazing Tiny Bathroom Makeover-1

It doesn’t take an interior designer’s eye to be able to tell that this dingy bathroom is in dire need of an upgrade!

2. New Coat of Paint

Check Out This Amazing Tiny Bathroom Makeover-2

To start the update, the homeowner took apart the vanity and repainted the oak with a darker shade.

3. But…

Check Out This Amazing Tiny Bathroom Makeover-3

Things take a turn for the rustic when the homeowner then applies a light coat of chalk colored paint, yielding a beautiful distressed look.

4. To the Wall

Check Out This Amazing Tiny Bathroom Makeover-4

Now, that unsightly green wall color needed to be done away with. So, the homeowner used two coats of primer to cover it up.