15 Pictures of an Amazing Kitchen Transformation

6. Open Cabinets on the Top


Rather than redoing the cabinets entirely, they took the doors off of the hanging cabinets and gave all of the cabinets the light blue coat of paint.

7. Looking Down Below


For the cabinets below the countertops, hardware was installed. You’ve got to love the elegant and modern look of what they selected!

8. Linoleum Floors


Let’s face it folks; if there’s one thing that no one wants in their kitchen these days, it’s linoleum floors.

9. Don’t Rip It Up!


Instead of ripping up the linoleum, these homeowners used cork tiles, which could be easily cut and then put into place with contact cement.

10. Creative Solutions


In a small kitchen, space is always at a premium. This necessitates unique storage solutions! Check out this cabinetry hardware that’s double as hooks for aprons, napkins and utensils.